The School Of Golf

Corporate Programs and Clinics

Golf and business go hand in hand. Not that contracts are signed, or that deals are closed during a round of golf, but golf does develop relationships and establish friendships. The prospect turned friend, tends to answers the phone on Monday morning! Funny how he was never in the office until you played that first round of golf. Conversely, you can learn quickly who not to do business with during a round of golf. I can think of no other activity that tries the patience and character more than does golf. A round of golf can be an emotional rollercoaster and you get to see all sides of an individual’s character in a very short time.
You don’t need to be a scratch golfer to develop business on the golf course, but you do need the confidence and basic skills to get around the golf course.

We offer corporate clinics that prepare your staff, or Bank President, for the business of golf. Your sales team will have the confidence to enter that charity tournament in April. Your VP of Marketing will impress his clients at the next corporate golf day. And, the Director of Finance will finally accept that invitation to play golf with a valued client. Golf is Good for Business!