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Nunung Sugiyanti, NSCA
Certified Personal Trainer

Tiger Woods changed everything! Fitness and athleticism were an after-thought before Tiger came along. Traditionally, the better athletes in high school or college took up “real sports” like Basketball or Football, golf being more hobby than a serious sport. This is not the case today. Many of the world’s top athletes now compete on the PGA Tour and other professional tours around the globe. With today’s “Bombers”, who average over 300 yard drives off the tee, strength and physical conditioning are essential to stay competitive. But fitness training isn’t just for the pros. Staying relatively fit is imperative If you want to play golf pain free; and who wants to play in pain? Our fitness team of experts use proven training techniques specific to golf. You will develop greater strength, flexibility, and power, a prerequisite in the post Tiger Woods era. Not to mention years of pain free golf, a game for the ages.