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Can't get the kids to the driving range? No problem! Thanks to modern technology and innovation from companies like Snag Gear and Birdie Ball, we can bring quality golf programs to your school! These programs are offered as After-School Activities. Classes are conducted on open fields or a soccer pitch, or even in the gymnasium. Students will learn all the correct fundamentals in this fun, effective and safe activity.

2012 JIS Golf Activities Programs                           


Everything will be covered: Grip, posture, Back swing, Down swing, Full Swing, Short Game, Rules and Etiquette. Students will also receive a course textbook and golf shirt with enrollment. We have seen students who started on-campus in Kindergarten and now play competitive golf in local tournaments. It's a great way to introduce the game early. Creating a golfing fanatic in ones youth ensures a lifetime of enjoyment, and the potential to play the game at a high level.