The School Of Golf



"Over the past 8 years Ken Runyon has helped me immensely to improve my swing and game. He simplifies the golf swing to what's really important and doesn't overcomplicate his coaching. I only wish I had started the game with him early on. I'd have a lot less bad habits."

Jeff Landau - Tennis Professional and 4 handicap. Regular participant in professional Indonesian PGA Tour Events


Jeff playing pro event

"We attended the adult lessons for Accel Golf Academy on a weekly basis throughout this year and it has been a joyful activity with new friends. Coach Ken carefully taught us in small groups of four, and made sure that each of us felt comfortable no matter what level you may be. He provided detailed advice on our swings, pitching, putting, sand shots and so on, and made sure that we can improve at a good pace while answering all of our questions and requests. We practiced at the golf range and at the golf course, and he knew how to make it entertaining by adding in games during the lessons and adjusting the golf rules at the golf course so that it would be fair and fun for all."

Satoko Ito - Mom

Satoko with new friends


Keyla, junior competition

"My daughter, Kayla, has been taking lessons with Coach Ken for the past four years. He has been her only coach since the beginning, and he has developed a real professional swing for Kayla. Last summer, Kayla spent five days with another professional coach in the States, and the coach credited Ken for developing her fine swing. We look forward to working with Ken until Kayla graduates from High School. Who knows, she may eventually become a professional golfer in the future, and a great deal of credit will go to Ken if that happens! As an educator myself, I like Ken's style of teaching, and he is fantastic with kids!! I couldn't recommend him enough if you are considering lessons for your kids."

Scotty Graham - Jakarta Intercultural School and JIS High School Golf Coach